Our Mission
Our mission is to educate, encourage, and equip parents in Ontario County, NY to read with their infants and young children as a natural part of their daily routine.

Our Vision
Children of all socioeconomic backgrounds in Ontario County, NY will have a lifelong love of books and a passion for reading.

Dr. John Hutton
and The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend reading aloud with young children each day starting at birth!
Listen to why it is so important!

Dr. Hutton reports that early reading with babies
is critical for normal healthy brain development. 
Read about his research.
The Most Important Twenty Minutes
Of Your Day
Budding Readers shares the view expressed by the well-known children's author, Rosemary Wells in Read to Your Bunny (1998).

"........Every day, make a quiet, restful place for twenty minutes. Put your child in your lap and read a book aloud. In the pages of the book you will find a tiny vacation of privacy and intense love. It costs nothing but twenty minutes and a
library card.

Reading to your little one is just like putting gold coins in the bank. It will pay you back tenfold. Your daughter will learn, and imagine, and be strong in herself. Your son will thrive, and give your love back forever." 

Benefits of Reading to Your Baby from Day One
                  Source: www.readtoyourbaby.com

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